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The River and Grotto
8708 Grelle Lane, Austin Texas 78744

Onion Creek is one of the prettiest rivers in Central Texas and that is saying a lot. It joins with the Colorado River down stream of us and then flows to the Gulf of Mexico. It does flood periodically, but because this ranch is on the high side, it never gets close to flooding our side. The city has plans to buy the land on the other side of the river, that does flood to turn it into a green belt.

As you can see below, the left side of the river has very low banks, while our side has 30 foot cliffs. The low side floods easily, sometimes more than once a year and the City of Austin is buying out those houses to turn that side into a green belt. The 30 foot cliff does not flood and we have never had to worry about the water rising because it first spreads so far on the other side (as far as to Bluff Springs Road.)

Below is the face of our cliff just north of the Guest House below the north 20 acres.

The river typically goes dry in August, but returns to a gently flowing creek the rest of the year.
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