Austin Texas Horse Boarding
The Lay of the Land
This is a Google Earth image of the property. You can type in the address to and actually zoom in on much of this. The photo was obviously taken in winter time and before much of the landscaping was put into place.

Every map put out by the county splits the land into two sections, so it is difficult to show exactly how it is situated. Here you can see the northern part of the acreage at the bottom edge of this map. The 20 acre section is surrounded by Park Land. In particular the North Four Acres had been beautifully groomed at one time as an exquisite home site. It is surrounded on all sides by park and is leveled, with perfect base soil. Over the years, we added organic matter by the ton to transform black clay soil into loam. There is never standing water in the heaviest rains, and anything will grow.

At the top of this map, you can see the Park land listed as City of Austin. To the right of that, is now park as well that was listed under LE Cadeau LP. The 27 acres offered here is at the top, shown as 20 acres formerly owned by Austin West Partnership, four acres formerly owned by Darlene Williams and three acres already shown as owned by Charles W and Francene Stull. The county maps have not been updated in years, apparently.

This is a diagram of the Ranch House, Guest House and Barn. Click on the image to see a larger version that you can actually read.

Here is a diagram of most of the current buildings. Below is an enlargement of the area with the buildings on it.

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