Texas Ranch For Sale
The Main Rock House
8708 Grelle Lane, Austin Texas 78744

We know that the value of this property is in its location, location, location. But the main house has some nifty perks. It has not been refinished, but could be gorgeous with some judicious upgrades.

This is the round living room. It is enormous (more than 20 X 30 feet) and very comfortable to be in. It has native rock both inside and out.
The curved walls offer a comfortable fung shui.
The BIG wood burning fireplace holds logs almost three feet long and heats the room and through it, most of the house, easily in the winter time. Of course, there is always plenty of wood to burn for free.

This is the dining room looking from the kitchen. The bay window faces west and is partly shaded by a small forest of poplar trees.

This is looking from the dining room into the small kitchen. We always meant to add an island and enlarge it, but did not get around to it.

Below is the spiral stairway to the upstairs bedrooms and bathroom. This wall contains a stairway to the basement, hidden behind a built-in bookcase.

Below is the part of the utility room across the car port from the main house. There are hook-ups for washer and dryer as well as two freezers. On the left is a raised bathtub for dog bathing or other easy clean-up. To the right is a built-in work area for tools and equipment.

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