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The Main Rock House
8708 Grelle Lane, Austin Texas 78744

We know that the value of this property is in its location, location, location. But the main house has some fun and nifty perks. It has not been refinished, since the buyer is just as likely to tear it down as not. Still, the native rock both inside and out, the round living room with its comfortable fung shui and enormous wood burning fireplace, the basement hidden behind a secret door in the bookcase, bay windows, and incredible privacy, all make for a unique charmer.
Click here to see inside of the house.

This is the entrance from the driveway. Lots of events have been held here, so the parking area is big enough to handle RV's, and at least 20 cars. To give scale, those are 1,100 pound rolls of hay. The grass area between the parking area and the pond has seen numerous horse trailers when this is used as a trail head for organized trail rides.

The original house had a rock pillared fence. The fence has long fallen down, but the rock pillars give a quiet charm that we chose to keep. The dog fencing is not attached to them, so either can be removed without bothering the other.

When you go through the covered car port on the trail back to the barn, you walk under a canopy of globe willow trees more than 20 feet high, dropping the temperature at least 10 degrees. This leads back to the Guest House on the left and the Barn on the right.

This is the view from the southern three acres near the Cliff House, which is obviously a prime location for squirrel watching.

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