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The Four Acre Homesite
8708 Grelle Lane, Austin Texas 78744

In the north extension of the 20 acres is a square that juts into the surrounding Park Land. We have spent years developing the land in this area with literally tons of organic matter, plowing, planting and generally loving the land. All sides are surrounded by tree lines of Park, or to the south, your own property. Below are a variety of views of this four acres of exquisite land ready to be built on.
This is a true combination of wild nature tamed for comfort while keeping the charm of the world around it. It is expansive and cozy at the same time. It is private, with wide open skies.
Paradise for us is living in the country only minutes from downtown. This is the last piece of natural land available this close to Austin.

Heading back south along Grelle Lane, the trees have been allowed to canopy the road. The property owns this road. On the left is the Park. On the right start the white fences of the original Ranch.
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