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The Cliff House
8708 Grelle Lane, Austin Texas 78744

This three acres is designed to be self sufficient, with full fencing, and infinity runs designed for 12-16 horses. We were often able to feed our herd of Friesians and half Friesians through much of the winter on this pasture alone.
Above is looking from the driveway south and below is looking from the pasture toward the driveway to the north.

There is plenty of room for jumping, pole bending, gymkhana or training.
(Brittany on Bhalla a rare Caspian Horse from Iran.)

The Cliff House is located across the driveway from the main house and overlooking the river on the three acres to the south.
This was a project that was started by the neighbors before we were able to add this south three acres to the ranch. The cliff house is partially completed, designed with a loft bedroom, small kitchen and deck overlooking Onion Creek.

There is a double pond already dug and the start of a fountain that is supposed to go on the hill below the horse statue. You can see the reservoir installed, but the pump, other fixtures, and landscaping still need to be added.
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