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The Barn and Pond Area

The barn is fronted by a lovely, naturally healthy pond, stocked with koi and lily pads that bloom yellow much of the summer. Notice the gorgeous weeping willows and below, the bald cypress and producing fig trees.

The rock pillars were part of an old fence built of the same limestone as the original house. They were left for visual interest and history.

The barn is a classic old masterpiece. It stores lots of grain and hay. There is an insulated workshop, tack room, and a half bath, plumbed for a shower as well. The three stalls were added to the outside for emergency facilities, since we seldom stall a horse.

The windmill is a classic, although we do not use it to pump water. When necessary, we fill the pond from the river.

The barn has easy access with a caliche road and totally solid hitching posts.

From the barn driveway, you can survey the areas for the horses, including the white fenced stallion paddocks.
Yes, those are birds on the power line!
We have used no chemicals on the property except for integrated pest control management during our 17 years of stewardship. We are probably the only ranch in Central Texas not bothered by flies or mosquitoes. Purple martins and bats thrive in the area along with squirrels, turtles, deer, owls and lots of other wildlife.

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